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14 Hanmi Pharm has made a license contract of immunization disease treatments with Lilly pharmatoday 03-23 3
13 As the Patent Linkage System is enforced, pharmaceutical companies have continued to apply for lawsuits pharmatoday 03-23 1
12 Pharmaceutical companies having more than KRW 300 billion sales recorded only 6.3% in the rate of business pro… pharmatoday 03-02 2
11 The KPA stated “The parcel service of pharmaceutical products is an action that tramples opinions of its ci… pharmatoday 03-02 1
10 The Korea-China FTA has been completedthe initialing with its product permission of 513 pharmaceutical product… pharmatoday 03-02 1
9 Will exports of domestic pharmaceutical products keep the momentum as showing a 10% increase? pharmatoday 02-16 5
8 As interests in smoking cessation increase, 18% of medical clinics and 19% of dental clinics have registered i… pharmatoday 02-16 2
7 “Both the Generic Sale Restriction and the Exclusive Sale Rights will be set to 9 months” pharmatoday 02-16 2
6 Expansion of the lineup with Kanarb complexes… a clinical trial of combining it with Lipitor pharmatoday 02-02 5
5 Will Palpal exceed Cialis? The industry has paid attention on impotence treatments pharmatoday 02-02 4
4 The Ministry of Health and Welfare finalized on investing KRW 453.5 billion on the healthcare R&D in 2015 pharmatoday 02-02 5
3 Caused by the Guillotine, the conflict of medical and oriental medicine industriesmay lead to the Korean Medic… pharmatoday 01-19 5
2 It will be allowed for condominiums and resorts to sell safety pharmaceutical products in March 2015 pharmatoday 01-19 2
1 The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety started to re-collect difficulties of the Korea-China FTA non-tariff barr… pharmatoday 01-19 5
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