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  Teva, the patent suit expert, achieves the first 'winning' against AZ in Korea
  Poster : Yu     Date : 15-12-02 10:03     Hit : 7821    


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     Teva, which grew its body through patent lawsuits in the U.S., announced the first ‘winning’ of a lawsuit in Korea.


Teva-Handok, jointly established in Korea by Teva and Handok, succeeded in avoiding 3 formulation patents of Symbicort Turbuhaler(AstraZeneca) by the defensive confirmation trial for the scope of the right on the 19th.


Symbicort Turbuhaler is an AstraZeneca’s inhalation-type lung disese treatment which is mostly used in asthma and COPD. Since the patent will be valid until 13 January 2018, its generics have not been able to enter the market.a


However, since the company became successful in avoiding the patent, a generic product of Teva-Handok will soon enter the market.


In the U.K., ‘DuoResp Spiromax,’ a Teva’s Symbicort generic, has been sold since September n


ext year. The company established a strategy to launch it early even in the U.K.



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