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  The current trend is oral rheumatoid arthritis treatment -'Xeljanz'
  Poster : Yu     Date : 15-12-02 10:11     Hit : 7729    

 "Needs of patients are pretty high for oral rheumatoid arthritis treatments.      


 long as the safety data of oral antirheumatic drugs is secured, there is a high

 chance for them to be a secondary rheumatoid arthritis treatment."

 As included as a secondary treatment option in the American College of

 Rheumatology(ACR) guideline. 'Xeljanz(generic name: tofacitinib),' the

 domestically first oral rheumatoid arthritis treatment, has been expected to  be

 used as a secondary treatment in Korea as well. 


According to Pfizer on the 20th, the recent ACR guideline includ 'Xeljanz' as a

 secondary treatment of a single or combination therapy on severe rheumatoid

 arthritis patients after the DMARD failure.

Including 'Xeljanz' int eh secondary treatment option by the ACR means that

the society has sufficiently secured its safety data.

Data related to the effectiveness of 'Xeljansz' has been shown even in the

domestic market as well. Moreover, if its safety data gets secured. too, there is

a high chance for the domestic industry to accept the ACR guideline.

It was observed Pfizer has already applied for the health insurance benefit in

the Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service.
















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